Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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The bulk of financial difficulties may come in the form of neglected bills. Daily, I witness this occurring where people get two or three payments behind on taxes, child support, mortgage payments, or similar bills. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy proposes a payment plan so that they can get back on track. Simply put, the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy process stops foreclosures, stops repossession, stops the IRS from nagging about unpaid taxes, and creates an opportunity to propose payment plans that my clients find highly reasonable.

When complying with conditions of their payment plan, my clients have found relief in a complete discharge or forgiveness of debt after three to five years. Your disposable income and several other personalized factors are considered when the amount to be repaid is determined. In most cases, my clients resort to Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to halt foreclosures on their homes, compensate for neglected automobile payments, and pay back taxes. There are several other applicable situations.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a reorganization rather than liquidation process and is suitable for those who wish to maintain secured assets, including housing. When state bankruptcy exemptions cannot protect assets concerned, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may be a feasible solution. Often, my clients who wish to secure nonexempt property of higher value choose to file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

I understand my clients’ desire to tackle accumulating debt from back taxes, child support, mortgage payments, and other hefty life obligations. My practice not only offers first consultations free of charge, but also starts customers with no money down on attorney fees.

No other bankruptcy attorney in Little Rock, AR considers your needs and objectives as practically as I do.

Get in touch with me at the Brian Wilson Law Firm to explore repayment plans through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

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